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Performance Tuning

Performance Tuning is a software modification to your engines ECU (Engine Control Unit). By safely increasing the tolerances and parameters of your fuel & air mixture, we can not only improve performance & remove flat spots, but in some cases increase the mpg.

Our maps offer premium performance increases & usability whilst staying within the safe limits of your vehicle as we believe that reliablility and driveability are just as important as the performance gains we provide.

Performance Options

Stage 1
Stage 2
Options Only

Stage 3 also available however please contact us for more information.

Optional Extras

  • EGR Disable
  • DPF Disable
  • Popcorn Limiter
  • Speed Limiter Disable
  • Lambda (O2) Sensor Disable
  • DTC Delete
  • Intake Manifold Flap Disable
  • Adblue Disable
  • Sport Display (Vehicle Specific)

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